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SolidSourceIT and ImprovemenT start cooperation

[15 Apr 2008]

The IT companies SolidSource BV and ImprovemenT BV started to cooperate in the field of software quality management. SolidSourceIT offers products for assessing software quality, while ImprovemenT focuses on tool based consultancy in the same area. The two companies got in contact via the Dutch IT news magazine Bits&Chips: in the beginning of this year, SolidSourceIT was featured in one issue as an interesting start-up; Erik Philippus, founder and owner of ImprovemenT, is a regular columnist at Bits&Chips. After a number of exploratory talks, a number of very good opportunities of working together have been identified. (Lees hier het artikel in het Nederlands)


Lucian Voinea and Alex Telea are co-founders of SolidSourceIT. Voinea: “We are a young company; we want to focus mainly on tool development and to a lesser extent on consultancy. To be able to implement this, we are looking for consultancy partners that can use out tools to address specific client needs. Philippus: “After the first meeting I understood immediately the added value of the SolidSourceIT products. They are unique tools that can extract relevant and diverse information from software code bases. Clients have often very specific problems. To be able to reach the core of these problems, one needs a very detailed analysis of the underlying software. This is what we are specialized in.” Telea: “It is very important for us to get feedback from the market in order to improve our products. ImprovemenT can help us to offer maximum added value to our customers.”

Unique solutions form SolidSourceIT

The main products of SolidSourceIT are SolidFX and SolidTA. SolidFX is a very powerful static code analyzer, currently targeted to C and C++. Support for other technologies, such as C# and .Net is planned for a future release. SolidTA is a unique solution for analyzing trends in the evolution of software systems. It can be directly connected to a Software Configuration Management (SCM) system, such as CVS or Subversion, in order to automatically extract the relevant information. Both SolidFX and SolidTA enable users to discover correlations between arbitrary software quality indicators. This functionality is crucial in order to identify the root cause of problems in software. Both tools of SolidSourceIT can be coupled to insightful visualization frontends, such that results are presented in a compact and comprehensible manner. Voinea: “SolidSourceIT is ready to hit the market. We are looking for partners to satisfy the increasing demand for consultancy in the same area. ImprovemenT would be a good partner in this respect.”

The ImprovemenT approach

ImprovemenT offers a well balanced range of consultancy services, which bring a guaranteed contribution for a TOP performance of software professionals. None of the services of ImprovemenT is ‘off-the-shelf’. The main distinguishing feature of the company is the interaction with the client and the delivery of highly customized services. One of the most successful services in this respect is a workshop for Software Product Quality and Software Quality Audit. Philippus: “During quality audits we perform source code analysis to extract information about quality related aspects of software. SolidSourceIT offers tools to facilitate this activity, but goes also one step further, including evolution trends into analysis. The analysis and discovery of correlations with the help of SolidFX and SolidTA is a very fast way to identify the core of a problem and to imagine appropriate solutions to address it. In the coming months we’ll give a concrete form to our cooperation.”


ImprovemenT BV
Erik Philippus (erik.philippus@improvement-services.nl) 
Wiekendreef 21 
6003 BV Weert 

SolidSource BV 
Lucian Voinea (lucian.voinea@solidsource.nl) 
Luchthavenweg 81.144A
5657 EA Eindhoven 

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