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SolidSourceIT launches the Education Series

[17 Dec 2008]

Just before stepping into a new year, SolidSourceIT made public some of its plans for 2009. While the main focus of activity of the company will continue to be the development of applications to support software development and maintenance, SolidSourceIT will also deliver practical trainings on a number of software engineering issues. These trainings will be part of a collection of education materials launched this week under the name SolidSourceIT Education Series.

Lucian Voinea: “A professional software toolbox is essential to enable software engineers to achieve high levels of effectiveness and efficiency. However, we believe that in order to truly benefit from such instruments, software engineers need a solid understanding of software development and maintenance issues, as well as best practices to address them. The SolidSourceIT Education Series is meant to be a very pragmatic, hands-on approach to learn the skills that make a great software engineer”.

The first announced training in the series is “Practical Software Testing 2009: The Testing Survival Kit for Software Engineers.” This training is designed to give software engineers an overview of the current best practices for discovering and dealing with errors in software. During this course, participants will:

  • Familiarize themselves with current testing vocabulary and methodologies;
  • Gain practical experience with testing tools and frameworks during hands-on sessions;
  • Understand advantages and limitations of testing approaches;
  • Improve personal testing effectiveness;
  • Learn how to approach debugging.

For more information on the SolidSourceIT Education Series you can contact SolidSourceIT at  trainings@solidsourceit.com.

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