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Verum and SolidSource close technology partnership agreement

[20 July 2009]

ASD:ModelBuilder will deliver state-of-the-art user experience based on SolidSource technology

Verum Software Technologies B.V. (Waalre) and SolidSource (Eindhoven) have closed a technology partnership agreement that will see the two companies working closely together on the development of new software engineering technologies. Initially the partnership will focus on applying SolidSourceís expertise in translating complex information into simple, easy to understand graphics to enhancing the way that Verumís ASD:Suite displays information to and interacts with the Software Engineer.

SolidSource will study the typical workflows and use cases of ASD:Suite users and will optimize the design, presentation and ergonomics of the ASD:ModelBuilder to deliver a state-of-the-art user experience to Software Engineers. The goal will be to delight the end user and to increase their productivity beyond the groundbreaking level of 20 delivered ELOCS/man hour typically reached by most ASD customers today.

In the future Verum and SolidSource plan to integrate SolidSourceís cutting edge software analysis products into Verumís SaaS hosting environment, allowing SolidSource to offer its products and services to a wider range of customers on a highly flexible, pay-as-you-benefit basis. Margaret Menzies, Director of Product Development at Verum said, "Our new partnership with SolidSource will not only help make ASD:Suiteís unique technology more accessible to a broader range of technical users, it will also be a very appealing tool to use. We have already begun using SolidSource's expertise to make the ASD:Suite product more intuitive and visually efficient for all types of general software development."

Lucian Voinea, C.E.O. at SolidSource said, "We believe that the application of SolidSourceís expertise in software visualization technology to Verumís ASD:Suite will lead a quantum leap in the usability of ASD. Equally, we are extremely interested to see how we can use Verumís SaaS technology to bring our own product range to a wider audience.Ē

About Verum Software Technologies B.V.
Verum Software Technologies provides a software engineering toolset that enables customers to rapidly develop defect free software for complex systems. Experience has shown that customers using the ASD:Suite can typically reduce the cost of developing their software up to 75% and in equal decrease in time to market, achieving ROI within 3 months. The application of the ASD:Suite also results in a large decrease of the cost-of-non-quality and thereby increased customer satisfaction. The difference between the ASD:Suite and other similar products is that at the heart of ASDís model driven tooling there is a patented formal verification engine that mathematically ensures the completeness and correctness of any software designed and generated using the ASD:Suite. For more information see: www.verum.com

SolidSource B.V.
Solidsource is a world-wide recognized solution provider for managing software development and maintenance. The company mission is to provide software developers and managers with state-of-the art solutions for gaining insight into the structure, size and complexity of developed software. These solutions enable organizations to make strategic decisions about software construction, refactoring and outsourcing, based on factual information extracted from existing source code. To this end SolidSource uses a proprietary technology for analyzing software (e.g., dependency extraction, duplicate code detection) that sets new standards for speed and accuracy. This technology is supported by innovative visualizations that boost user insight and enable them to make faster and better choices. With SolidSource companies can cut development costs with up to 30% by making better use of their development capacity. For more information see: www.solidsourceit.com

For further information you can contact:

Verum Software Technologies B.V.
Mr. George Szanto
Vice President Marketing
Email: communications@verum.com
Tel: +31 (0) 40 235 9090

Mr. Dennie Reniers
Communication Officer
Email: info@solidsourceit.com
Telephone: +31 (0) 61 436 3842

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