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New release SolidSTA

[21 Apr 2009]

SolidSourceIT has released version 1.1a of SolidSTA. This version solves many of the usability issues reported in version v1.1, and adds a number of features that facilitate evolution analysis. The most important features are:

- the possibility to discard from analysis cross-system transactions caused by maintenance actions that are not relevant for the functionality of a product (e.g., code beautifications)
- the ‘snapshot’: saving the displayed image to a graphics format file (PNG) that can be later used for inclusion in reports, or for posting on the web.

SolidSourceIT made public also part of its plans for the next release of SolidSTA. This will bring some important additions that will enable users to have better control on the analyzed time intervals, and to focus the content analysis on specific system snapshots. The next release of SolidSTA will be available at the end of May 2009.

For more information on the upcoming release of SolidSTA, please contact SolidSourceIT at solidsta@solidsourceit.com.

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