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The Software Explorer (SolidSX) is a standalone Windows application that gives insight in large software systems. SolidSX creates information-rich visualizations that show structure, metrics and dependencies between different types of source code elements (files, classes, methods, fields, etc.). By using hardware-accelerated graphics, SolidSX is able to display large amounts of information in a clear and concise manner and provides fast and easy exploration of large source codes.

Example use cases

  • Get acquainted with new software systems quickly. Replace browsing hundreds of source files with a high-level visual overview.
  • Predict the impact of code changes before you do them.
  • Identify low-quality code areas that need refactoring.
  • Detect unused source code elements.

SolidSX uses plug-ins to extract dependencies and metrics from different sources. Currently SolidSX can be delivered with three plug-ins:

  • The .NET plug-in for analysis of Microsoft .NET assemblies (.exe,.dll, etc). All .NET programming languages are supported, including C#, Visual Basic, and Visual C++.
  • The Java plug-in for analysis of Java source code.
  • The BSC plug-in for analysis of C and C++ code compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio.

Download the free trial version (no code size limitation) and start exploring!


For best experience watch this fullscreen!

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  • Extracts and visualizes call graphs, class inheritance, type usage, field accesses and various code metrics, such as method complexity, lines of code, and number of casts (some plug-ins might not support all of these metrics).
  • Plug-ins are available for analyzing software written in C#, Visual Basic, Java, C++ and C.
  • The source code is not needed to analyze .NET assemblies, so SolidSX can also be used to inspect third-party assemblies (similar to .NET Reflector).
  • Open input data format. Easy to integrate with third-party tools. SolidSX is not restricted to visualize sofware, but can also be used as a generic dependency viewer (see the User Manual for more information).
  • Explore large databases of tens of thousands of elements in real time, from packages to individual variables.
  • Store all settings of a view, such as its visualization parameters, filter settings, aggregation settings, etc. so that you can later reopen them later on the same or other datasets.
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics for high quality presentation and smooth navigation.
  • Extremely easy to use: point and click in a simple interface. Ready to use in less than 5 minutes (including installing).


The main view of SolidSX
The Radial view of SolidSX shows source code elements as nested rectangles in the outer rings. The relations between these elements, such as call and inheritance relations, are shown as curved arrows. The colors on both elements and relations are used to encode attributes or metrics.
SolidSX allows you to open multiple views on the same data. This image shows the Radial, Treemap and List views on the PaintDotNet dataset produced by the SolidSX .NET importer.


SolidSX comes as a generic structure / dependencies / metrics visualization application, and can be specialized for a given programing language via importer plugins. These are available for .NET (all languages), Java and Visual C++ (BSC format only ). A 30-day evaluation version is also available, including all supported plugins.

Please contact us for more detailed information on licensing SolidSX (e.g., acquiring individual plugins).

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows (SolidSX has been tested under Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7)
  • OpenGL 1.1 compatible graphics card
  • 50 MB free disk space
  • .NET framework for opening .NET assemblies (only needed for Windows XP computers that do not have the latest service packs installed)